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7 Ways To Make A Care Contact

  1. Send a hand written note to their home address. (The Fields Church has note cards if needed.)
  2. Make a personal phone call so they can hear your voice. (Leave a voice mail if they don’t answer.)
  3. Leave a message on Facebook, including how you prayed for them. Be specific and write out your prayer.
  4. Let the person know what Sunday service you will be attending the following week and that you will be looking for them.
  5. Schedule a coffee, lunch or visit so you can see them in person.
  6. Drop something small off at their house (cookies, a flower, milkshake) to give you a reason to briefly stop by and say hi.
  7. Text an encouraging Bible verse to someone that is suffering a hardship. Let them know you are praying.

How To Care For Your Team

EvanCourtney —  March 10, 2015

What does “care” look like?
Making contact when…

  • Someone is MISSING
  • Someone is IN THE HOSPITAL
  • Someone is going through A HARDSHIP
  • Someone has experienced GOOD NEWS

What to do during this contact?
Hospital: Show CARE, offer PRAYER
Hardship: Show Show CARE, offer PRAYER
Missing: Show CARE, be AWARE
Good News: BRAG & CHEER

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Has someone in your circle been missing?
  • Has someone in your circle requested prayer?
  • Has someone in your circle experienced hardship?
  • Has someone in your circle experienced good news?
  • Have you heard through the grapevine about someone in your circle?

Don’t Fear!
Team Leader Care doesn’t mean the pastor’s have checked out.
Team Leader Care doesn’t require you to be a counselor.
Team Leader Care doesn’t require a Bible school degree.
Team Leader Care doesn’t require me to be perfect.

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