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3 Ways To Take A Summer Break

1) Summer Devotional
How can you engage with God this summer?
2) Summer Vacation
Make fun memories together?
3) Summer Rest
What brings rest to the soul?

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8 Joy Stealers In Ministry (And How To Get It Back)

Seeing the underbelly of Christian ministry
Christian ministry means working with sinners just like you and me. It’s often not a pretty sight to see what we see in local churches.

Action: And while we don’t condone sin, let’s learn to demonstrate grace and love like Jesus did and does.

Constant Criticisms
Opposing Opinions, criticism, and people not liking the way something was handled…

Action: Seek to please God instead of people. And may He give us the strength to be godly and gracious when we do receive criticisms.

Fighting Among Christians
Christians are some of the meanest people I’ve ever known. Throw each other under the bus. Mean. judgmental.
Action: We will know Christlike joy when we act like Him, and not like the world.

Busyness That Turns Into Prayerlessness
We will always lose our joy when we neglect our time in prayer. When we pray, we are connected to the Source of all joy. If we are too busy to pray, we are too busy.
Action: Pray often

Unreasonable Work Hours
Many in Christian ministry become workaholics to the detriment of their families and themselves. It is ultimately our choice and our responsibility to have a balanced life. When we don’t, the joy goes away.
Action: Evaluate the time you spend away from family.

Attacks On Our Family
This is an especially difficult joy-stealer, because we sometimes feel powerless when it happens.
Action: Be even more diligent in prayer to seek His wisdom. Let your family know they come first. 

Sour Staff, Leadership Or Volunteer Relation
It is your responsibility to be gracious, to be a reconciler and to be a peacemaker.If relationships are still sour, you have done all you can. Your joy comes from the Lord, not the other relationships.
Action: Create peace, not controversy

Entitlement Mentality Among Some Church Members
A number of church members view the church as a country club where they pay dues to get what they want. Your responsibility as a leader in the church is to serve all people in the name of Christ. In doing so, you will find His joy. But that does not mean you have to yield to the demands of selfish whiners.
Action: Serve the whole church, please God more than people.

7 Ways To Make A Care Contact

  1. Send a hand written note to their home address. (The Fields Church has note cards if needed.)
  2. Make a personal phone call so they can hear your voice. (Leave a voice mail if they don’t answer.)
  3. Leave a message on Facebook, including how you prayed for them. Be specific and write out your prayer.
  4. Let the person know what Sunday service you will be attending the following week and that you will be looking for them.
  5. Schedule a coffee, lunch or visit so you can see them in person.
  6. Drop something small off at their house (cookies, a flower, milkshake) to give you a reason to briefly stop by and say hi.
  7. Text an encouraging Bible verse to someone that is suffering a hardship. Let them know you are praying.